Live Long and Prosper

I haven’t been posting much lately (it’s been over 3 weeks), for a very good reason: Yesterday my daughter married a wonderful man in a delightful ceremony in an actual planetarium (complete with a star show), followed by a terrific party in the science museum. To give you a bit of a flavor of the day, the pastor’s message began, “You are about to boldly go where many people have gone before,” and everyone got it. He reminded them that they are not Time Lords, so they can’t try to go back and fix the past or skip directly to an imagined future, but have to take the slow way through life side by side. He wished for them that if they get angry and try to hurt each other, their attack rolls should all be botches and their saving throws against heart wounds should all be nat 20s.

The nerdy goodness continued into the reception, with a dragon theme. The couple drank their toasts out of dragon goblets. The most popular favors on the guest tables were the little plastic mini-dragons. They cut the cake with a dragon dagger. Their cake was designed to look like a medieval castle, and these are the cake toppers that were designed by the groom, 3D printed, and painted by the bride:

I was the primary wedding planner for this event, so I’m happy to say that things went off with just a few minor glitches. Everyone had a good time. Most importantly, the young couple were launched into their new life together surrounded by love, laughter, friends, and family. (And dragons.) Now that it’s done, my participation in the rest of my life can resume, and I wish my daughter and her fiance husband the same thing everyone there last night wishes for them: Live long and prosper.


Counting Down to the Big Day

dress-2Look what’s hanging in my closet!

It will soon be 2017, which is a very important year in my family – my daughter will be getting married! I’m happy to say that the man she’s chosen is terrific and they are terrific together, making it easy to look ahead to their wedding with a glad heart.  I’ll try to keep it from taking over the blog, but as the Big Day gets closer I can’t make any promises! In the meantime, this was an easy choice for this week’s photo challenge. Yes, Christmas is coming up, and the new year, and a new semester – but the main thing I’m looking forward to right now is her wedding day.

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Mom’s Glass Menagerie


My mother collected glass animals, the kind you could buy at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. She loved their elegant beauty, and we loved that it made it easy to think of gifts for her at birthdays and Christmas. My father made a set of shelves with nooks of various sizes for various creatures, walnut on the outside, flocked matte black inside, which hung on the wall in our living room as I was growing up. I was fascinated, not only by how they looked, but the smooth weight of them, and by the humor of an elegant glass snail or mouse. I’ve snapped a picture of a few of them here, but not all. There’s also a bear, a penguin, a whale — a whole menagerie indeed.

Mom died in 1975. My sister and I split up her collection between us, and I was lucky enough to get the set of shelves as well. I filled in the empty spaces with my own set of class paperweights, which have the same smooth weight but not the quirky personality of her glass animals. The shelves are a link with my mother that I get to look at every day.

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Coming Home

SunsetBoatMy husband is a sailor; I’m not. On lazy summer days he takes Counterpoint, his 35-foot Jeanneau, out on Lake Ontario while I enjoy the breeze in the gazebo with my iced tea, a book, and a laptop. I’m an introvert, and time spent by myself is a great pleasure. But at the end of the day I also love coming back together again with my husband to share dinner and talk about the day. This image of Counterpoint sailing back to harbor with the sunset at her stern reflects both of those joys: solitude and togetherness.

The Little Blue Ornament #Photochallenge

OrnamentsEvery year when we decorate the tree we keep an eye out for that one ornament. It’s as big around as a quarter and plain blue, the only one left from the first set of glass ornaments my parents bought when they got married in the 40s. I’m proud to be the one who inherited it when they were gone, and my daughter will inherit it after me, assuming it survives yet more years of Christmas duty.

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Careful! #photochallenge


Can’t you just hear him thinking that?

I took this photo about 30 years ago to document my son’s first haircut. It was one of the thousands of photos we took of him in his first few years. It reminds me of how careful we were with his tiny, tender life. He was our first child, one who came along after several years of trying and crying and medical interventions, and there was nothing, NOTHING, more important than his safety.

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