For Luck

Today’s Lens Artist challenge is from Patti, and it’s challenging indeed. It focuses on the old poem often used for a bride’s wedding gear:

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue

I couldn’t find a single photo that embodied all four of these concepts, so I have to offer four separate ones.

Something old: This is the Eye of the Needle, out of Sackets Harbor, NY. It’s not really as old as it looks, but it is based on the design and look of an old sailing vessel. They took her out this past weekend on Black River Bay.

The Eye of the Needle is an old-style sailing vesselSomething new: Today we had the first fresh corn of the season, bought from a farm that’s about a quarter mile from our house. Delicious!

A pile of corn on the cob at a far stand, witn one ear partlyh openedSomething borrowed: This was the hardest part of the challenge for me. I didn’t have anything borrowed from anyone else, or any good opportunities to borrow something for a photo. I fell back on this, an image I took over two years ago. It is a pair of my earrings, removed from their wires and hooked into a ring. My daughter borrowed these and carried them, attached to her bouquet, at her wedding. The original for something borrowed!

Abalone and silver earrings, hooked together with a ringSomething blue: A neighbor child left this bike on the edge of his lawn, just in time for me to snap a picture today. It has a bright blue frame and Spider-Man adornments.

A child's bike with a bright blue frame and Spider-Man decorationsI’m glad I didn’t give up on this challenge! It was fun to figure out how to accomplish the task before the week ended. Thank you, Patti!

Posted in response to Lens-Artists Challenge #58: Something Old, New,  Borrowed, and Blue.