Magical Books

For this week’s Lens Artist challenge, Ann-Christine asks us to show what we find magical. My answer: Books.

What an astonishing thing a book is….An author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head….A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.
~ Carl Sagan

A hardcover book, opened on a marble table, with a leather bookmark, against a blue-green wall. There's a ceramic pot of blue and white flowers, a stone containing white and purple crystals, and a little owl sculpture with large eyes.A stack of hardcover books on a blue cloth, with a dried white rose in a glass dish and some rose buds and leaves on the top bookPosted in response to Lens Artists Photo Challenge #63: Magical, with thanks to Ann-Christine for posting this week’s challenge.



Sky Light

This week, Patti challenges the Lens Artists to post photos with silhouettes. I love this topic! I take a lot of pictures of the sky, and this often includes dark things silhouetted against a bright sky. Here are a few of my favorite silhouette photos.

First: Three images with sunsets

One was taken from the marina at Sackets Harbor. I love this image so much, I used one like it for my Twitter header.

Sunset over water, with rocks, trees, and weeds in the foreground in silhouetteOne was taken nearby, at the 1812 battlefield, as some young people sat on the stone wall watching the sun go down.

Sunset over water, with the silhouettes of four young people in the foregroundOne was taken at the Port of Rochester, when we were staying at the marina there.

Brilliant sunset reflected in the water, surrounded by silhouettes of sailboatsNext: two images with stormy skies

One has a leafless winter tree, and a tiny patch of blue showing through the gray clouds.

A leafless tree silhouetted against a stormy skyOne has a bird silhouetted against those stormy clouds.

Stormy gray clouds, with a bird flying overheadFinally: one with blue sky and clouds and a power pole with a tangle of wires

I was struck by the complexity of the cabling on this pole.

A view of a power pole with many cables at many levels, silhouetted against a partly cloudy skyPosted in response to Lens Artists Photo Challenge #62: Silhouettes, with thanks to Patti for posting this week’s challenge.

Water and Stone

The arch of a stone bridge over a river reflects in the water to make a circleA few months ago I took a river cruise down the Genesee River in Rochester, NY. Along the way I snapped this image of one of the stone bridges over the water. I was intrigued by how the arch of the bridge was reflected in the water to make a circular frame for the misty view upriver. It was a gray and rainy day, but still beautiful!

More recently, I saw a pile of stones being used to hold back some of the erosion due to the high water levels in Lake Ontario this year. There were gaps in the stones, and through the gaps you could see the water of the lake. Here’s one of the pictures I took.

A sliver of lake water viewed through a pile of bouldersI seem to have an interest in looking at vistas of water, framed by stone–large and small.

Posted in response to Lens Artists Photo Challenge #60: Frame, with thanks to Amy for posting this week’s challenge.

Boat Angles

A view down on a sailboat from the top of the mastA confession: I didn’t take this photo. My husband did, by hauling his GoPro camera up to the top of our boat’s mast and aiming it down. See the beige circle a little below center? That’s the top of his hat. The bright spot to the right is the sun on the water, emphasizing the shadow of the mast of the next boat.

He took this picture the day Ann-Christine posted this week’s Lens Artists photo challenge, in which she invites us to look at the world from different angles. Inspired by her challenge and my husband’s photo, I took these shots, exploring the boat from a number of other angles.

Here she is in a traditional side view. Counterpoint is a 35′ sloop-rigged sailing vessel berthed in Sackets Harbor, NY.

A sailboat named CounterpointHere’s the reverse of the original shot, taken from the deck and looking up to the top of the mast.

A view from the deck of a sailboat up the mastThen, looking around at the marina I was struck by how it bristles with angles created by the masts, sails, and rigging on all the boats.

Several docked sailboats, emphasizing the angles of their masts and riggingSo many angles, everywhere I looked!

Posted in response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59: Angles, with thanks to Ann-Christine for posting this week’s challenge.


For Luck

Today’s Lens Artist challenge is from Patti, and it’s challenging indeed. It focuses on the old poem often used for a bride’s wedding gear:

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue

I couldn’t find a single photo that embodied all four of these concepts, so I have to offer four separate ones.

Something old: This is the Eye of the Needle, out of Sackets Harbor, NY. It’s not really as old as it looks, but it is based on the design and look of an old sailing vessel. They took her out this past weekend on Black River Bay.

The Eye of the Needle is an old-style sailing vesselSomething new: Today we had the first fresh corn of the season, bought from a farm that’s about a quarter mile from our house. Delicious!

A pile of corn on the cob at a far stand, witn one ear partlyh openedSomething borrowed: This was the hardest part of the challenge for me. I didn’t have anything borrowed from anyone else, or any good opportunities to borrow something for a photo. I fell back on this, an image I took over two years ago. It is a pair of my earrings, removed from their wires and hooked into a ring. My daughter borrowed these and carried them, attached to her bouquet, at her wedding. The original for something borrowed!

Abalone and silver earrings, hooked together with a ringSomething blue: A neighbor child left this bike on the edge of his lawn, just in time for me to snap a picture today. It has a bright blue frame and Spider-Man adornments.

A child's bike with a bright blue frame and Spider-Man decorationsI’m glad I didn’t give up on this challenge! It was fun to figure out how to accomplish the task before the week ended. Thank you, Patti!

Posted in response to Lens-Artists Challenge #58: Something Old, New,  Borrowed, and Blue.

Bald Eagle Creek

Bald Eagle Creek, featuring a family of swansThis week’s Lens Artist challenge is an invitation to take it easy, and the timing was perfect. This weekend I got to visit Bald Eagle Creek on the southern shore of Lake Ontario. It was a beautiful spot and the weather couldn’t have been better. This was my favorite photo from the weekend because it includes a family of swans living there. Here’s another shot looking the other way, toward the source of the creek.

Beautiful Bald Eagle Creek

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Posted in response to Lens-Artists Challenge #57: Taking a Break with thanks to Tina for posting this week’s challenge.

Binnacle Island

An island in the St. Lawrence River, just big enough for a large house and a few treesThis week’s Lens Artist challenge encourages us to explore the boundary between land and water at the sea or a lake. I’m stretching that just a bit with this image of Binnacle Island, because it’s in the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River, between the US and Canada. Not quite the sea or a lake, but a significant bit of water in any case! This small island is owned and maintained by the US Power and Sail Squadron as a place members can reserve for visits to enjoy the water. I got to go there for a lovely afternoon. Here are a couple of other photos from that day. Enjoy!

A rope hammock under the trees at the edge of the river.

A small rowboat in the river with an island in the backgroundPosted in response to Lens Artist Challenge #56: Seascapes and/or Lakeshore with thanks to Amy for posting the challenge this week.

Charlotte Pier

Gray day on the water. In the distance, a pier stretches off to a lighthouse, with a few people braving the weather.The Lens Artist photo challenge this week comes from Ann-Christine, who gives us the prompt “Dreamy.” I immediately thought of an image I took a month or so ago at the mouth of the Genesee River in Rochester, NY. It was wet and gray that day, and few people were walking out to the light at the end of the Charlotte pier. It feels to me like a dream indeed. Not necessarily a happy one.

Posted in response to the Lens Artist Photo Challenge #55: Dreamy

Berries in the Rain

Bright red berries among green leaves, each berry with a drop of rain File this under “Why did this take me so long?!” I just discovered Lens Artists, a weekly photo challenge created a year ago specifically to fill the void left when WordPress closed its photo challenge. This week I’m offering a picture from my back yard, showing a closeup of some bright red berries after the rain had passed. I love the detail of every berry carrying its own tiny drop.

Posted in response to the Lens Artist Photo Challenge #54: Detail