Lines and Squares 4: Perspective

Pattern of pale gray square tiles. Text: Something for Sunday; October 27, 2019; Lines and Squares, Part 4: PerspectiveBecky B runs a photo challenge four times a year for a whole month. In the Squares Challenge, people post an image for each day that meet two criteria; they are based on the month’s prompt, and their format is square. This October, the prompt is Lines. I’ve chosen to bundle my images into four batches and post one batch each Sunday in October.

This batch of images features perspective lines (lines that pull your eye into the distance). This brings me to a total of 32 square photos (eight in each of the four Sundays I’ve posted on this challenge). You can see the other three sets here, here, and here.This has been a wonderful experience, and I’m looking forward to participating in future Squares Challenges. Thank you, Becky!

Click an image to navigate through the gallery. Enjoy!

A Little Perspective

Walking the hallway at my school on a summer day with no students about, I stopped to snap a pic of the perfect perspective in this hall. Such a satisfying, mathematically correct image! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Looking Down

This is the cafe where my daughter works, looking down over the balcony from the floor above. I took this shot just a year ago, when the unusual perspective struck me. Also – does anyone else feel a strong need to go down there and put that one chair in? It doesn’t match all the others, and IT REALLY BOTHERS ME!

(pant, pant)

Okay, I’m all right now.

I guess.

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