The Lens Artist photo challenge this week is to share images of the cold. Winter hasn’t fully hit where I am.The high temperature today is expected to be 55°F (13°C), which means I can’t really get good cold pictures right now. Instead, I’m pulling a few out of my archives.

Here’s a really old shot of a visitor in my back yard doing some last-minute stocking up for the season.

A squirrel sits on a tree branch, eating berriesThis boulder on the campus where I taught wears its winter coat well.

A large boulder atainst a brick wall, partly buried in a snowdriftThe holly outside my door, with the red berries popping against the green leaves and white snow.

A holly bush with dark green leaves coated in white snow, and a scattering of bright red berriesFinally, my husband, my hero. Before we both retired he worked for a company in another state, telecommuting each day from our basement, but he still got up early in the snow to clear the driveway before I left for my own commute.

Looking down on a figure using a snowblower to clear several inches of snow off a driveway, as snow continues to fallPosted in response to Lens-Artists #73: Cold, with thanks to Tina for posting this week’s challenge.

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Snow World

The view on my deck is pretty otherworldly right now. I don’t think it would take much tweaking to turn this into a suitable backdrop for a dystopian SciFi drama. That’s a lawn chair, by the way, under all that wet, heavy snow.

For crying out loud, it’s MARCH! Did somebody not get the memo?

I am SO ready for spring.

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Tough Love

Today is Valentine’s Day. Let me celebrate the tough, enduring love of my wonderful husband of 42 years by sharing this photo, which I took from the cozy warmth of my house. I needed to go to work, so he was up before I was to clear the latest winter storm off our driveway.

Sweet? Not so much. But that, my friends, is true love.

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Security and Privilege

I’m taking a break today from the A-Z Blogging Challenge to file an image fore the weekly photo challenge. I’ll be back tomorrow with a puzzle haiku for the letter H. Meanwhile…

Snow in March isn’t unusual here in Western NY, but this was a whole LOT of snow for mid-March. My college was closed for two days, which practically never happens! You can see here the snow that was piled up on the deck outside our kitchen. What I think of when I see this image, and when I saw all the snow that day, is how blessed and privileged I am to have a warm, sturdy home I can be in while I look out at this weather. There are so many people in the world who don’t have that kind of security. May you all find the welcome and warmth you need. You deserve it.

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Into the Bush

I love the look of snow on branches; it almost makes the snow worthwhile! Here’s a photo I took last January, of the intertwined branches of the bush out by my driveway. I stopped as I left for work to get out of the car and snap this shot, because it just draws me in and makes me want to climb inside. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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