My Fling With Spring: Some Recent Images

I love spring. Where I live, in Western New York, the winters and long and cold and gray. To get through them I hunker down and hang on, waiting for spring. Suddenly, in May, the world is waking up, bursting with life, and sometimes just plain showing off. I feel like my lungs can expand for the first time in months.

This post has no deep meaning or complex message. It’s just a collection of photos I’ve snapped in the last week, celebrating signs of spring around me. You can click through the images to see the whole gallery. Enjoy!


TableOne of the milestones of spring we look forward to each year is eating out on the deck. We even planted trees in our back yard 20 years ago specifically to shade the area on summer evenings. We’re all, “Oh, let’s have supper on the deck tonight, Jarvis.” Continue reading