First of all, I want to acknowledge that there are actually 118 known elements, not just four! But I’m happy to play along for the purposes of this week’s photo challenge and focus on just the four “classical” elements. Here you have them all in one image! Rocks and plants in the foreground (earth), clouds up in the sky (air), the sun (fire), and Black River Bay off of Lake Ontario (water). I hope you enjoy the pic!

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Sunset, With Sailor

sunsetsailorMy husband and I went to the shore of Lake Ontario back in August to photograph the lovely sunset, and I wound up taking this picture of him looking west. It’s a very relaxing image for me, not only because of the wonderful colors and the natural elements of stone, water, and tree, but because he looks so peaceful. I’m sure he spent most of that day out on the water in our sailboat, playing wind against sail to get a few extra knots out of the rig, but now he’s just enjoying the view. And so am I.

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