Sky Layers

This week’s photo challenge is to illustrate layers: images of things that are stacked in front of and behind each other to create depth. I’ve always been fascinated by the sky and clouds, which is a rich source of such images. Here are three from my archives. I hope you enjoy them!

A flock of puffy clouds in the blue sky over Black River Bay, piled up all the way to the horizonFluffy white clouds against a dark blue sky, receding toward the horizonSame spot, different day, this time with darker clouds and rain falling on the far side of the bay

Clouds piled up over Black River Bay, with rain falling in the distanceA gentle sunset over water, with a tree-covered bluff in middle distance and a bit of beach in the foreground

A bluff by a lake silhouetted against a pastel sunset, with a beach and small waves in the foregroundPosted in response to Lens-Artists #67: Layered, with thanks to Amy for this week’s challenge.

Sky Light

This week, Patti challenges the Lens Artists to post photos with silhouettes. I love this topic! I take a lot of pictures of the sky, and this often includes dark things silhouetted against a bright sky. Here are a few of my favorite silhouette photos.

First: Three images with sunsets

One was taken from the marina at Sackets Harbor. I love this image so much, I used one like it for my Twitter header.

Sunset over water, with rocks, trees, and weeds in the foreground in silhouetteOne was taken nearby, at the 1812 battlefield, as some young people sat on the stone wall watching the sun go down.

Sunset over water, with the silhouettes of four young people in the foregroundOne was taken at the Port of Rochester, when we were staying at the marina there.

Brilliant sunset reflected in the water, surrounded by silhouettes of sailboatsNext: two images with stormy skies

One has a leafless winter tree, and a tiny patch of blue showing through the gray clouds.

A leafless tree silhouetted against a stormy skyOne has a bird silhouetted against those stormy clouds.

Stormy gray clouds, with a bird flying overheadFinally: one with blue sky and clouds and a power pole with a tangle of wires

I was struck by the complexity of the cabling on this pole.

A view of a power pole with many cables at many levels, silhouetted against a partly cloudy skyPosted in response to Lens Artists Photo Challenge #62: Silhouettes, with thanks to Patti for posting this week’s challenge.


First of all, I want to acknowledge that there are actually 118 known elements, not just four! But I’m happy to play along for the purposes of this week’s photo challenge and focus on just the four “classical” elements. Here you have them all in one image! Rocks and plants in the foreground (earth), clouds up in the sky (air), the sun (fire), and Black River Bay off of Lake Ontario (water). I hope you enjoy the pic!

Posted in response to the WordPress photo challenge: Elemental

Sunset, With Sailor

sunsetsailorMy husband and I went to the shore of Lake Ontario back in August to photograph the lovely sunset, and I wound up taking this picture of him looking west. It’s a very relaxing image for me, not only because of the wonderful colors and the natural elements of stone, water, and tree, but because he looks so peaceful. I’m sure he spent most of that day out on the water in our sailboat, playing wind against sail to get a few extra knots out of the rig, but now he’s just enjoying the view. And so am I.

Posted in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge: Relax