Turkey Soup


Thanksgiving is good and all that, but for some of us, it’s what comes after that’s terrific: the homemade turkey soup. This is an especially part of the holiday season for my son. He faces some challenges in living on his own, and the turkey soup I make after Thanksgiving was always something he looked forward to more than anything. These days I freeze single-serving portions for him to take home, and several times I’ve also given him a dozen frozen servings as a Christmas present, roasting the turkey breast, wings, and drumsticks for that purpose only. Once I even surprised him with turkey soup for his birthday, but that’s in August so it just didn’t seem right. Around here, it’s the holiday season when the house smells like turkey soup.

If you want to make Mom’s Turkey Soup, drop a note in the comments and I’ll post the recipe. It can be a bit time-consuming, but it’s not complicated or difficult, and it makes a hungry young man very happy.

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