Down Below

The Lens Artists photo challenge this week is to post images that are abstract. That is, in the words of Patti Moed who set this week’s challenge, it is an image that “goes beyond what we normally see in the real world. It makes viewers ask questions and use their imagination.”

I wandered around a lot looking for photos that made me question what I saw or look at things in different ways, before I finally wandered into the foundation of my world: the basement. I looked around at the disorganized shelves and the stacks of stuff, and saw things I hadn’t noticed before. This is some of what I saw that I don’t normally see.

Ducts carrying warm air throughout the house (and pumping some of it into the basement)

Bulky metal ducts curling around ceiling joists, witn one gaping openHeavy electrical cabling coming out of the main junction box

A nest of electrical cables in a variety of colorsThe plumbing going into and out of the geothermal furnace and water heater

A forest of water pipes and valvesOne last shot that includes all of the above: ducts, wires, and plumbing, receding into the crawl space behind the basement

Metal heating ducts, copper water pipes, and electrical wiring fastened to the ceiling joistsPosted in response to Lens Artists #74: Abstract, with thanks to Patti for posting this week’s challenge.

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