WW Photo Challenge: Yellow Daisies

Y is for Yellow Daisies

As we come to the end of the alphabet, it gets hard to find images for the letters. Last weeks’ X entry was especially challenging, but i had trouble with Y as well. I mulled over my options for weeks until finally my attention was captured by a field of yellow on the side of the road on my way to work. The flowers offered up the most vivid yellow there is, without making any demands for cultivation or admiration. I did admire them, though. I hope you do too.

Next week will be the end of this journey through the alphabet in images. As i look back at 2018 and think about 2019, I’ve got to decide whether to repeat the alphabetical photo challenge, think of a different way to challenge myself to post photos, or put the whole idea aside. I’d love to hear any wisdom you, my readers, have to offer on this topic. Have these posts been interesting or entertaining/ Would you like to see them continue? Please let me know, and thank you for your attention.

You can join in on the photo challenge! Pick any image you created you can label with the letter Y. Do you have a yurt? Maybe some colorful yarn? Share anything you’ve got for this week. Here’s how to participate.

  • Post an image on your own blog or website.* All types of images are welcome. If you have serious equipment and serious skills, that’s awesome! If you snap pics on your phone (like me), that’s also awesome!
  • Post a comment on this page with a link back to your post. If you post a comment that includes a link to your blog, I will add a link to your post below.
  • Check back over the next week to follow the links. That way you can see what other people did with the theme and join in the fun.

Olga Godim picked Yoga as the Y-word that inspired her custom cover this week. Check it out here.

*Just so we’re all clear, you post your photos on your own site, which means you aren’t giving control to me or to anyone else. We’re all invited to view the images you post (and comment if your site allows for comments), but nobody has the right to use your images in any way without your permission. Got it? Great!