About WordWacker

Iconsmall Word Wacker: A convenient device for cutting through all those thousands of wrong words to find the right word when you need it.

I wish I had one!

Do you want to write a novel? I do—and I’m doing it here, in front of everyone. This blog isn’t specifically about the book I’m writing, but about what works and what doesn’t as I try to get from Point A (someone with good basic language skills and the determination to do something with them) to Point B (a book that people will actually want to read). If that’s your journey as well, then come along with me. We’ll get there together.

Some posts will be specifically about the project I’m working on now. Others will be about writing in general, or about books or movies (particularly what they can tell us about storytelling). Others will just be about things like the weather and events in my life, because life bleeds into blogs sometimes, but I’ll try to keep the focus on writing most of the time.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to put your feet up and stay a while! I’d love to hear from you.


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