Not My Wri Mo

Drowning  I’m not exactly drowning. But close.

I broke my promise to post at least a few hundred words each week. Why?

First, because I’m really swamped with work and life. You don’t want to hear the story about the course I’m doing over from scratch and how I’m just barely staying ahead of the class. (For instance, today I really have to prepare the lecture/activities/videos/demos for TOMORROW’s class – I hate flying so close to the trees!) I’m behind in the material I’m supposed to maintain on the web site for the singing group I belong to. I’m behind in reading this month’s book for my book club. My husband goes out of town tomorrow for three days while my kids come over for dinner, so I have to get that ready. I’m on the worship committee for my church and we have to get all our Advent plans in place this week. And … and … and ……

I know lots of people have lives that are much more complicated than mine. I know that if I really wanted to, I could carve out the time to get at least some writing done. So why have I not? I really think part of the issue is the spot where I stopped – I have to back up and re-think things, since this scene I’m in the middle of is dragging like a dog that doesn’t want to go to the vet. Every time I think about getting back to it and finding the lever to light that fire (how many metaphors can I cram in here?), I find something else I could/should be doing instead. So, yeah, it’s a matter of will, not time.

Here’s my current plan. I’ll keep thinking, planning, working things through, but I’m not going to sweat the actual writing now. Everyone around me, it seems, is doing NaNoWriMo, but this is not my month. As a teacher, November will never work for me as a novel-writing month! But July, though – that’s a  month I can totally get behind!

So, a new pledge. I will take my time, using all the resources I find on the web or in books, to revise my outline, plan my scenes, and get it all in place, and then write a draft next July. I know i can do that!

In the meantime, I’ll just be posting info about where I am in my planning process. For me, and for anyone else out there who might find it useful.

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