MyNoWriMo Step 10: Logistics

Step10I’m SO ready!

I’ve got a spreadsheet that will automatically count my daily words, my daily word average, and my total words. I’ve made a decision to put the whole 50K draft into a single file, since that’s how I’ll need to submit it to Camp NaNoWriMo for verification. I’ll be using WordPad instead of Word for this file, so it will be smaller and I won’t be spending time on niggly formatting and such. I can tweak those details in Word later if I want to. For now, it’s all about getting the words down!

LATER: My brief flirtation with WordPad has ended – I’ve decided to stick with writing in Word. It’s what I’m most accustomed to, so it will go more smoothly. Also, Word will give me a total word count automatically. Word it is! As for other word processing programs: I have nothing against them. My husband uses OpenOffice all the time, and I once wrote an entire test bank for a college text book in WordPerfect, which I liked a lot. My office, however, standardized on Word years ago, so it’s much simpler to use that one.

Progress so far:

  • 3/1/15: Set the goal (a full 50,000-word draft, or half a novel?) – On time
  • 3/8/15: Develop my one-sentence pitch line – Early
  • 3/22/15: Establish major set pieces/beats – On time
  • 4/12/15: Develop a rough synopsis – On time
  • 5/3/15: Complete a rough outline or scene sketch – On time
  • 5/17/15: Map out each character’s story line – Late 😦
  • 5/31/15: Plan the beginning of the novel, from opening scene to first major turn – Early
  • 6/14/15: Plan the middle of the novel, including all the twists and complications leading to the ending – On time
  • 6/28/15: Plan the ending of the novel, including the climax and the final resolution – Early
  • 6/30/15: Get all my logistics in place (word-count log, file formats, backups, and so on) – Early

I’m READY! And I have to wait four more days to begin.

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