Hello, Again

It’s good to try new things, right? Well, that’s what I did by porting this whole blog over to my own web site. I’ve been over there for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve decided I’m coming back here, to my WordPress home. The personal site is still there, and if you want you can check out the blogs I posted during this interim time:

Why did I decide to come back here? Here are my Top 5 Reasons for Returning:

  • Number 5: I realized I just felt more at home here, after two years on the blog.
  • Number 4: The pingbacks and links from the photo challenges work better here.
  • Number 3: I liked the themes available here better for blogging than those I had access to over on my own web site.
  • Number 2: It seems easier for people who like what they see here to follow me on WordPress (no need to give an email address, for example).
  • And the Number 1 reason I chose to come back: The people who already followed me are still here, and I felt like I was abandoning them.

This experience reinforces two of my firm beliefs:

  • Never be afraid of change.
  • Never be afraid to admit if something doesn’t work out.

So I’m back. *waves* Happy to see you all again!

4 thoughts on “Hello, Again

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