Shadow Cast


This is for all you tabletop gamers out there!

This is an all-star party, pulling together characters from a couple of campaigns:

  • Saffire the elven cleric (in the blue robe)
  • Pawly the human ranged fighter (with the bow)
  • Harley the human ranger (wielding two blades), with his dog companion
  • Garni the dwarven melee fighter (in the middle of the pack)
  • Seloneum the half-elf wizard (with the staff)
  • Cade the halfling rogue (out front)

They are facing … something. It’s casting a huge shadow. Is it a huge creature? Probably has reach. Maybe DR. Spell resistance, high save bonuses, poison — the works.

Sounds like fun, no? Let’s start rolling!

In response to the WordPress photo challenge: Shadow

P.S. – If you’re looking for Wednesday Words, you won’t find them. Since WordPress moved its photo challenge to Wednesdays, there’s too much on my plate for Wednesday Words in the middle of the week. I’ll be switching to Weekend Words instead – so watch for that on Saturday or Sunday each week.

3 thoughts on “Shadow Cast

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