Trapped Tulips

The flower shop of one of my local grocery stores sets out arrangements to encourage people to buy, and this one stopped me in my tracks a couple of years ago. I guess this is what you can do with the blossoms your toddler picks for you that have no stems; just pile them in a goldfish bowl with a handful of leaves. Since then I’ve seen enough similar arrangements, with blossoms or succulents enclosed for no good reason inside glass and wire, I figure this is now a thing. I have a whole collection of photos I call “Captive Plants.”

Posted in response to the WordPress photo challenge: Unusual

5 thoughts on “Trapped Tulips

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  2. This is cool–I’m really drawn to it. It is a little odd; I’m conflicted because I like the idea of flowers continuing to grow a little in a vase, ever upwards, but I’m glad you shared this. Neat.

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    • I can’t really tell how much water is in the bowl, so I don’t know if the blossoms are actually submerged. I didn’t think to check that at the time. It could just be a kind of “salad” of blossoms and leaves, fit to last only a few hours before going brown. If that’s what it is, it seems really wasteful, but I would have figured submerged blooms would rot, so it might not last long either way. Seems wasteful to me.

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