Binnacle Island

An island in the St. Lawrence River, just big enough for a large house and a few treesThis week’s Lens Artist challenge encourages us to explore the boundary between land and water at the sea or a lake. I’m stretching that just a bit with this image of Binnacle Island, because it’s in the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River, between the US and Canada. Not quite the sea or a lake, but a significant bit of water in any case! This small island is owned and maintained by the US Power and Sail Squadron as a place members can reserve for visits to enjoy the water. I got to go there for a lovely afternoon. Here are a couple of other photos from that day. Enjoy!

A rope hammock under the trees at the edge of the river.

A small rowboat in the river with an island in the backgroundPosted in response to Lens Artist Challenge #56: Seascapes and/or Lakeshore with thanks to Amy for posting the challenge this week.

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