Boat Angles

A view down on a sailboat from the top of the mastA confession: I didn’t take this photo. My husband did, by hauling his GoPro camera up to the top of our boat’s mast and aiming it down. See the beige circle a little below center? That’s the top of his hat. The bright spot to the right is the sun on the water, emphasizing the shadow of the mast of the next boat.

He took this picture the day Ann-Christine posted this week’s Lens Artists photo challenge, in which she invites us to look at the world from different angles. Inspired by her challenge and my husband’s photo, I took these shots, exploring the boat from a number of other angles.

Here she is in a traditional side view. Counterpoint is a 35′ sloop-rigged sailing vessel berthed in Sackets Harbor, NY.

A sailboat named CounterpointHere’s the reverse of the original shot, taken from the deck and looking up to the top of the mast.

A view from the deck of a sailboat up the mastThen, looking around at the marina I was struck by how it bristles with angles created by the masts, sails, and rigging on all the boats.

Several docked sailboats, emphasizing the angles of their masts and riggingSo many angles, everywhere I looked!

Posted in response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59: Angles, with thanks to Ann-Christine for posting this week’s challenge.


6 thoughts on “Boat Angles

    • Actually, hubby climbs the mast rather often, and has been known to climb masts for other sailors who don’t want do to it themselves. He’s got a whole harness system with belaying ropes and safety gear. Sometimes you need to get up there to fix something broken or rig up something new. He only goes aloft when we’re at the dock and the wind is calm, of course. But he doesn’t try to take pictures when he’s up there, so he figured he’d see what the camera could do. It came out rather nice!


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